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There’s a lot that goes into an architectural project. Here are some of the ways we can help.

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building information modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling  (BIM) is the latest collaborative tool available to the Architectural / Engineering / Construction markets. 

  • Three-dimensional building models with data management

  • Incorporates structural, mechanical, electrical, and plmbing systems

  • 13+ years developing our BIM platform standards with REVIT

  • Animation capabilities allow Clients to envision their project starting in the design phase, rather than requiring last-minute changes during construction

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Integrated Project Delivery (ipd)

While the current marketplace refers to a collaborative model, here at Cornerstone Design-Architects, we have followed the IPD model for 20+ years, always adapting for changes in the marketplace.

We have, and continue, to refer to this approach as Integrated Design and Construction (ID+C). Some of the key aspects to this approach are as follows:

  • Emphasis on Teamwork

  • Multi-Disciplinary (Owner, Architect, Engineers, Contractor, and Others)

  • Formation of Team Near the Inception of Project (Construction Manager or General Contractor Selected No Later Than Design Development Phase)

  • Open Communication and Truth Telling

  • Use of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

  • Identification of Organization and Team Leadership

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Sustainable Design & Green Building Principles

As the need for more environmentally conscious design has emerged in the design and construction industry, the need for architects to respond to the vision of our client’s needs has increased.

  • Mitigate a building’s impact on the environment while meeting needs of the occupants

  • Utilization of natural daylighting, indoor air quality monitoring, interior lighting, and thermal control devices

  • Application of LEED-inspired green design principals wherever it makes economic sense for the Client

  • Designing facilities that consume less energy, reduce overall operational costs, and minimize negative impact in the area

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Facilities Information Modeling Management (FIMM)

Using BIM to take Facilities Management practices to the next level for our clients.

  • Combining BIM’s 3D capabilities with the necessary organizational structure required for managing facilities

  • Provides version control, archiving, and sustainability

  • Heightened ROI due to centralized building services

  • Allow multiple entities access to centralized data

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architectural project management


  • As much (or as little) construction administration as desired by the client, in order to ensure quality control with contractors.

  • Provide high-level cost estimation via our MEANS square footage estimating guide and templates.

  • Facilitate design meetings and coordination with consultants from preliminary design, through construction documents.

  • Provide solicitation of negotiated proposals from contractors, identifying a number of vital factors:

    • Fees, OH&P percentage, general conditions, cost, billing rates, shared savings, change order fee percentage, and contractor contingencies.

  • In-depth analysis of RFPs (requests for proposals) and facilitated contractor interviews.

  • And more!

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Struggling through the challenges of federal, state and local codes? Is compliance delaying your project start or slowing its completion? Cornerstone Design Architects has the experience to help you move forward with success.

  • Assisting in project planning to prepare for compliance requirements

  • Identifying related cost savings

  • Determine sensible solutions to existing code issues

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Interior Design Services

In order to streamline projects we offer in house Interior Design Services.

  • Space analysis and programming

  • Space planning

  • Interior Design Development

  • Decorative lighting and furniture selection

  • Artwork, signage, and accessories

  • Construction drawings

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Master Planning & Feasibility

Effective Master Planning and Vision are your project’s guide to growth and stability, no matter when you actually plan to build or renovate.

  • Facilitating the vision process and incorporating vision, values, and mission into your plan

  • Identifying current and future building needs to create a detailed long-range plan

  • Creation of preliminary budgets to assist in campaign planning

  • Division of project(s) into phases for future development

  • Provision of detailed models and presentations for financing and fundraising

  • Assistance in site selection and feasibility

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Traditional Design Bid Services

Cornerstone Design Architects also provides services for the traditional approach to design and construction services.

  • Preparation of plans and specifications for competitively-bid and/or negotiated construction documents

  • Client clarification on costs, methodologies, etc

  • Ability to secure estimating services and provision of accurate budget and cost outlooks

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Architectural design and building projects often involve many constituencies — we’re here to help facilitate unified vision with everyone involved.

  • Creation of beautifully detailed imaging as requested

    • 3D display models

    • Photo-realistic renderings imposed on site landscape

    • Lifelike animation movies walking you through selected project details and areas

    • Sophisticated PowerPoint presentations

    • Detailed fundraising campaign collateral packets

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