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Location: Lancaster, PA
Completed: AUGUST 2012
BUILDING size: 41,636 sq. ft.


  • Atrium Open to Light Monitor Above

  • Geothermal HVAC System

  • Rooftop Energy Recovery Units

  • High Performance Solar Glazing

  • three Story Library Stacks Within Two Building Stories

  • Entry Cafe and Gathering Space

  • Outdoor Patio Spaces

  • Planed for Future Expansion

  • 3 Story Plus Partial Basement

about the project:

LBC has a vision “…to be a premier learning community that intentionally develops the head, heart, and hands of servant ministry leaders for global impact” (quoted from a handout produced by LBC for the ribbon-cutting ceremony). Such a high calling was understood by Cornerstone and they began designing, alongside a good team of LBC representatives, to create a monumental facility that was cost effective, yet attractive and worthy to represent such a calling.

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